Pakistani Malinga in action

Afraz Khoso is known as the Pakistani version of Lasith Malinga. Afraz has a slinging bowling just like Malinga. He is fast and he is pretty much exciting. Afraz was first found in the Wasim Akram camp coaching camp held for the fast bowlers.Afraz went to this camp and later he was ranked as the best bowler in the camp. He impressed all the people present in that camp. Also Wasim Akram has trained him so he knows how to bowl with precision in any form of cricket.

Afraz is now associated with many teams in domestic cricket. He is Malinga for all of them. Nobody now calls him Afraz but Malinga. He does not mind this new name that has been given to him. He enjoys this name.Here we see Afraz bowling to a team in a domestic cricket game. The way he bowled in that game showed that he has got some serious talent. He has got all the variations in his bowling. He can bowl short balls.

He can bowl Yorkers and slow balls as well. He took 4 wickets in this game. Even the commentators mentioned that Afraz is now the Pakistani version of Malinga. Pakistan cricket needs young talent like Afraz. He is a brilliant bowler and has a lot of potential. Soon we might be seen playing at a large level in Pakistan.

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