PCB chairman Shehryar Khan apologize Waqar Younis for disclosing of his report to media

PCB chairman Shehryar Khan apologize Waqar Younis for disclosing of his report to media

PCB chairman Shehryar Khan apologize Waqar Younis for disclosing of his report to media

Shehryar Khan the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board released an apology to former Head Coach Waqar Younis over the leak of analysis report regarding the team’s poor performance in the World Twenty20 2016.

According to an Indian information organization, Khan said that he known as on Younis and had apologized to him on Wednesday.

The PCB Chairman went on to say, “Waqar might not have been capable of producing preferred outputs with the national cricket team but he has to be one of our top players and has big position in cricket. It was regrettable that his private review report was disclosed to the press from the board.”

He included, “I apologized to Waqar and preferred him the best after he advised me and had decide to step down as trainer. But the conference was organized in an excellent atmosphere and I have guaranteed him the board will keep a query to figure out how report was disclosed.”

The former head coach’s agreement was set to run out in May but resources revealed that he was positive of training the part until Pakistan’s trip to England this season.

“But obviously it was communicated to Waqar that the board has decide to act on the suggestions of the fact-finding panel and search for a new trainer,” it was said.

The PCB Chair went on to say that Younis determined of getting down him even though that he would be dropping Rs. 4.8 thousand, which the board would have compensated him if he was eliminated before the finishing of his agreement interval.

Waqar said that he was pleased that PCB Chair known as him and heard him with patience for what he had to say.

“He also apologized for the leak of my report and said an investigation would be organized to figure out who is accountable for this,” said the head coach of Pakistan cricket team Waqar Younis.

The ex-pacer said that he would have walked down at a later time frame but he wished for making emphasize a problem that would entice the interest of the board authorities.

“I have said it if they want they can also use the expenses due to me (around 6 000 0000 rupees) now for helping the household cricket framework. At the end of the day it is all about enhancing factors in Pakistan cricket and not about people,” Waqar included.

Waqar Younis reconciled as the top trainer of Pakistan cricket group following the side’s efficiency in the World T20.

Earlier, the former quick bowler had lashed out at Pakistan Cricket Panel for dripping his review regarding the team’s display in the competition.

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