The Perfect Easy Latest 2016 Hairstyle

Before styling crimpled the base of your hairs for extra volume, curl your hairs by using a 1 inch curling iron. You may skip this step if you feel. Let’s start!

Place your hairs to one side and split it into two sections from the crown to ear. Set these two sections on side for now.

a11          a22

Gather your hairs towards the center, give that a little twist, pushing it up then pin in place by bobby pins.

a33           a44

Split your hairs into two sections, and start braiding each section into a rope braid. Tight it in for an elastic bend, and put it from beneath for extra volume.

a55            a66

Take one braid at a time wrapped it around your fingers, then pit it right below the crown area, repeat a same steps to do remaining braid.

a71           a72

Take down the front section, give that a little twist then gently pull on the hair to add volume. Bring it to the back and pin in place. Repeat the same steps with the remaining front section.

a77            a81

a82            a83

Go back and fix any lose ends with the bobby pins and finished the look using hairspray for a long lasting look !

a88           a99


About the author - Saliha Naveed

I believe we all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world.