nawaz sharif called meeting

PM called meeting to discuss panama issues on his arrival from UK

nawaz sharif called meeting

Prime Minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif has called a conference of government ministers and party management today (Tuesday) upon his come back from London, media authorities revealed.

According to the details the ministers will brief the PM about their connections with resistance events.

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PM will achieve Islamabad nowadays and will preside over an important conference of celebration management here. Discussions will be made on Little Leaking percentage during the conference.

Legal group will brief PM on the issues associated with query percentage. PM will also be advised about PTI potential demonstration system.

Meanwhile, discussing to press in London, PM Nawaz said he had gone through several medical examinations and by elegance of Allah he is now absolutely healthier.

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The Leading said he was making for Pakistan nowadays.

Commenting on Panama Documents, PM Nawaz said, “I am not claimed in Panama leaks. The supreme judgment and court has clear views and it is obvious to all, however, government wants to create a separate commission.

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