Rain reduces Pollen particles in the air, a good new for the pollen allergy patients

pollen allergy in Islamabad

During rains the intensity of pollen particles in the air gets reduced. According to the met office as more rains are expected in March which would exceptionally reduce the floating pollen particles in the air.

On the onset off spring season when the pollen concentration in the air raises high on its peak till the middle of March, which is certainly a crucial time for the resident of the capital.  As, they experience serious issues of allergies.

The pollen release from paper mulberry, pine, dandelion, acacia, eucalyptus and various kinds of grasses starts in the last week of February.

Yet, this year the concentration of the pollen particles are expected to be significantly low. The total pollen count per cubic meter in the air at H-8 Sector was only 24 on last week .

The pollen allergy is a serious issue in the federal capital. Even in 2012 it was suggested by the Met Office that “It is prudent idea for the hypersensitive individuals to stay away from Islamabad during the peak pollen concentrations.” Though this year conditions are likely changed due to the regular spell of rainfall in February and a similarly in March.

An official of the Met Office told:

“Raindrops dissolve the free floating pollen along with the dust in the air and those settled on solid structures, including trees. As a result, the atmosphere becomes clean,”

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