Razzaq last over wins the game, T20 cricket

Abdul Razzaq in the opening edition of the MCL showed that despite being out from the Pakistan team, he can still bat and bowl. He was the front man for his side Capricorn Commanders and the first two games were won by him.

The very opening game of the event was a cracker. It was a very tight game and it went all the way to the final over. There were few runs required by the Gemini team and at the start of the over they were the favorites to win this game.

Sehwag the Commanders captain gave the ball to Razzaq. He knew the experience Razzaq has he has bowled a lot in such circumstances. So Razzaq was the ideal man for this job. But still for even Razzaq it was not easy because the runs were not that much to defend.

Razzaq over was a great one. He bowled some great deliveries and the best thing about him was that he kept on changing his line, length and pace. Each of his six balls in that over was a complete variations and the batsmen failed to understand them at all. Razzaq took a certain game away from the Gemini team. Commanders won the match by few runs and Razzaq was their hero in the game.

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