Reasons why some people don’t get fat even after consume fried food

Each person is unique in their very own way. Your fingerprint, toe print and even your tongue print is uniquely your own. Many people thus share the same type of genes. One such gene that was recently discovered has sparked a lot of debate and conversation on the internet. Scientists claim they have found a gene linked to why some people easily put on extra weight when eating fried food, while others do not.

Genes and Obesity

The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically over the past few decades. Many medical professionals in the field have pointed fingers toward environmental factors, while others have started to look at the connection between genes and obesity. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that more than 50 genes have been linked to obesity to date, with the MC4R gene being the most commonly linked gene. This gene encodes the body’s melanocortin 4 receptor and it is reported that changes that negatively impact this gene is found in approximately 5% of individuals who have a BMI of 30 or more, thus also considered obese. Other genes commonly linked to obesity include:

  • Adipocyte – Promotes energy expenditure

  • Leptin – This gene is produced by fat cells in the body

  • Leptin Receptor – This gene inhibits appetite

  • Fat Mass – Promotes food consumption

  • Insulin – In control of regulating fatty acid and cholesterol synthesis


The Research Chair in Obesity also reports findings of a study conducted to determine the link that genetics play in obesity. It was found that overweight and obesity tend to run in families. Results also provided evidence that individuals with a family history of obesity are approximately eight times more likely to become obese. Cases of severe obesity provided more evidence than cases with a family history of overweight and obesity.

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Fried Food, Genes and Weight Gain

In order to determine the effects of genes on weight, a study recorded results of three groups of people. The study focused on the effects of fried food on the weight of participants. Several participants from numerous studies were included in order to provide more accurate results:

The study provided evidence that individuals with genes that are known to act in the central nervous system had the strongest interaction with fried food consumption. Furthermore, the study found that genetic background does play a role on weight gain from the consumption of fried food in the group who has been classified as genetically predisposed to obesity.

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