Say Good-Bye to Acne by Using a Toothpaste and Baking Soda

Now you can easily Say Good-Bye to Acne by Using a Toothpaste and Baking Soda with this unique tip. Today every men and women want clean and flawless skin. Pimples occur because of different things such as dust, sebum, oil, open pores, excess of makeup and cosmetics.

Sometimes infections also cause pimple on face. While an age factor also create this problem. But here some natural products are available which can be used for acne tips. Toothpaste and baking soda are including in those things. It is truly said that care is better than cure. Now read this carefully in order to know that how to get rid of acne.

Say Good-Bye to Acne by Using a Toothpaste and Baking Soda


You need toothpaste of good quality and baking soda. First of all wash your face with oil free soap or face wash of famous company. Then take equal amount of toothpaste and baking soda, mix them well and apply it on acne wherever it exists in circular motion.

Leave it overnight and in the morning wash it off with cold water. Repeat this process till your face become clean and clear. You can also use ice or take steam before this process for best result. If any man or woman has a sensitive skin, then firstly try this paste on small part of your body for a test. If you feel itching or redness, then avoid using it.  I am sure that with this easy and simple home remedy you will see wonderful results. Here I will tell you that how to remove acne scars naturally.

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Don’t use different expensive cosmetics because they can destroy the skin cells. These cosmetics also contain many chemicals and infectious materials in them? This is the cheapest and easiest acne home treatment. Baking soda cleans all the dirt, dust, sebum and extra oil from face. It can heal all the dead cells of skin and prevent pimples. It can also be used as cleansing agent.

It is very effective and works wonder. Baking soda and toothpaste both are natural things and they have no side effects. They are anti-allergic and anti-scarring. They can also be used to remove acne scars or dark spots. Take three table-spoon of distilled water in a clean bowl. Add one table-spoon of baking soda in it and apply it for 15 minutes on face. Then wash it off with normal water. I have no doubt that this treatment will keep you away from pimples. So girls get ready to say good-bye to acne by using baking soda as early as you can.


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