Shahbaz, a new Shahid Afridi in town

People think that there was, is and will always be only one Shahid Afridi. They are absolutely wrong. There were times when the world thought that no one can replace Vivian Richards when it comes to batting and now we see Indian batsman Virat Kohli.

There was a time when people thought Wasim Akram is irreplaceable and now we see Mohammad Amir. It is all about talent and abilities.

There is no doubt tat in Pakistan there are chances that you don’t come up to get anything despite having talent and abilities because of no real influence.

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But talent is there is Pakistan. Shahbaz a tape ball player from Lahore is the best example here. we saw him here being bowled some really fast balls and Shahbaz is just using his wrists to hit them for some huge sixes.

The line and lengths were altered against him but the results remained the same. His bat was firing just boundaries. Now if there was a proper system in Pakistan, Shahbaz would have been elected for the hard ball cricket.

He would have been given proper instructions about hard ball cricket and then he could have played for Pakistan at international level. But this might not happen.

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