Shahbaz and the talent story of Pakistan cricket

All those people who live in the subcontinent know the importance of tennis cricket. this is the first form of cricket which way one plays and even the likes of Wasim Akram, Imran Khan, Waqar, Afridi and all the greats of the game have played it.

You cannot become a cricketer unless you have not played tennis ball cricket though exceptions are always there but they would be very rare.

In Lahore, there is  a lot of tennis ball cricket played around and one such player who has a big game in this cricket is Shahbaz. Shahbaz live in Lahore and he has a good cricketing sense.

He bats right hand and is a clean striker of the cricket ball. Now most of us know that the tennis ball comes to a lot faster that the normal cricketing ball. So if a batsman can hit such fast ball for plenty of boundaries then he can get better to be tried out at international level as well.

This is where the system comes. In Pakistan, there are very few chances that Shahbaz might make to the hard ball cricket at some recognized level. Social Tanvir was once only a tape ball bowler and look now where he is.

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