Shahid Afridi 12 runs shot in England

Shahid Afridi once hit a 12 runs shot. It was a six but as per the rules of this special game Afridi got 12 runs for it. It was a mega hit and there was a special signal for such kind of a shot from the umpire as well. It was a fantastic hit from the big man.

This was a low full toss and Afridi just swung his big bat. The bat made a cracking sound and the moment that sound was generated every one knew this one is not going to come down that easily. It was a monstrous hit from the big man.

Afridi hit the ball straight to the roof. The ball hit the ceiling as the game was played on a football field. The ball after hitting the ceiling came back and the umpire raised his hands for a special signal. It meant that this shot should be given 12 runs.

Afridi was the first player in that match to hit this much big shot. He was the only one in fact who did that. There was a large crowd present to support him. They were all too happy to see this hit from Afridi. They knew that he can do it and he did it. Afridi is a great player for sure.

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