Shahid Afridi batting in County

Experimentation fails for the Rangpur Riders as Shahid Afridi could not do anything with the bat today. He was sent as an opener today against Dhaka Dynamites to hit some shots in the power play but unfortunately it did not happen.

Afridi was out second ball of the innings. There is no Shahzad available as well so for the Riders it will become a lot difficult for the Riders now to chase this high score from the Dynamites. Abu Javed took the wicket of Afridi.

This was a wide ball outside the off stump from the bowler and Afridi played a cross batted shot. He wanted to heave the ball on the leg side. Now with the angle of the ball it was not possible. He hit the ball but in the form of a top edge.

This one went miles in the air and Russell had enough time to gather himself under this one and he took it safely. Russell hardly drops something and once again he lived up to his expectations. Afridi is out here for zero runs.

Rangpur Riders are chasing 180 plus runs and at the moment their chances are dim to get this total. This is a good deck and they should have made some plans for this game. They don’t have the fire power available at the moment.


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