Shahid Afridi best power hitting in English county

Shahid Afridi is one of the most watched player in English county. He is incredible with the bat and knows his game really well. Afridi has played for a couple of teams in the Nat West T20 blast. He is here seen batting in his typical manner.

Afridi came to the crease and straight away we saw a pedal sweep from the right hander. The medium pacer bowled a low full to Afridi and he was ready for it. The ball was hit on the full. The fine leg fielder was inside the circle. The ball went over his head and there was no stopping it after it gone past over the head of the fielder. The second shot was a big six. Afridi time launched the bowler over the covers. Now this is not an easy shot to execute.

Afridi went to the pitch of the ball and slammed it hard and long. He was in a great nick. He made sure that he middles the ball. The area he chose to hit his shot required timing and power both. Afridi hit this one perfectly. The next shot was on the leg side. This was the typical Shahid Afridi slog shot on the leg side.

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