Shahid Afridi fastest hundred against India

Shahid Afridi fastest hundred came against Sri Lanka of 37 balls. That was a tri-nation series in which Afridi went in as a replacement for Mushtaq Ahmad. He was thought to be a leg spinner but soon after this game every one came to know about his batting talent.

Afridi held this record for many years. Now here we see his fastest hundred against India. Against the arch rivals this hundred was hit on an Indian ground. So for Afridi and for the Pakistani fans this was a very special hundred by all means.

Afridi started with a 23 runs over against pace bowler Balaji. The first hit was a flick on the leg side. This ball was bowled towards the pads and Afridi with all his power easily picked it on the leg side. The ball hit the middle of his big bat and went over the boundary line.

Then Afridi played another flick. This time it was down the ground and it beat the fine leg fielder towards the boundary line. Afridi was not stopping here. Balaji then bowled a length ball on the middle stump and Afridi picked him up straight over his head. The next hit went on the off side.

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