Shahid Afridi hitting a six to the roof

Shahid Afridi is one of those players in cricket who can hit the ball for a six on any ground. There is no cricket ground where he has played multiple games and he has not scored a six. Afridi is the second name to a six here in Pakistan.

This one here give Afridi 12 runs. This was a mighty hit. This game was played in England under special rules. This game was played on a football field. The ground was covered at the top. As per a special rule the ball hitting the roof top will be awarded with 12 runs.

Afridi was the only player who hit the ball to the roof ceiling. This was a low full toss and Afridi gave it everything. The ball hit the middle of his bat and went sailing over the fence for this 12 run shot. It was so huge that surely it cannot be measured as six. Afridi was on top of this one.

This is one of the glimpses what he can do. Afridi has been one of the best hitters in the business. He has been around for so many years and he is a treat to watch in the middle. He has this charisma in himself and his batting.

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