Shahid Afridi quickest century VS India

Shahid Afridi had a lot of hundreds in cricket. But against India he loved to bat. He has one of his fastest hundreds against the same side as well. Afridi hit this hundred in India so this makes it a very special innings for Afridi and for Pakistan.

Afridi was in a mood to bat that day. The first over from Balaji which he faced went for 23 runs and Afridi made his intentions pretty clear that he was in for a big one. There was a series of sixes and fours hit in that over from Afridi.

The first hit was a six that landed on the stands on the leg side. Balaji targeted Afridi’s pads. He wanted to trap Afridi and in return Afridi belted him hard and long on the same side. This was a huge hit from Afridi over deep backward square leg.

Afridi then hit a four in the same region. This was the same ball like before and this time Afridi just timed it all along the carpet. The ball beat the fielder in the race and hit the ropes. Balaji then again changed his line and length. This time he bowled a fuller ball but only to get a huge six over his head. Kumble came to bowl after this and was greeted with two consecutive sixes.

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