Shahid Afridi siting the ball with 200% strike rate

In the world of T20, Shahid Afridi is the master. He has one of the highest strike rates in this format. T20 is all about strike rate. You have to hit the ball hard and long and get as many runs as possible with facing minimum number of balls.

Shahid Afridi is here seen batting in one of the NatWest T20 blast championship. Afridi as usual hit the ball miles. All of his shots were middle properly and his strike was 200%. He was a treat to watch in that game.

Afridi first shot was an innovative one. The bowler tried to hit a yorker that ended up as a low full toss. Now Afridi picked up the line and length of the ball really early. The moment the ball reached him. Afridi pedaled it over the short fine leg fielder.

The ball was middle properly and it flew over the infield and went for a four. This was a perfect shot from the big man. Afridi knew that the fielder was standing inside the circle so he hit the ball aerial without much fear of being caught. After that Afridi hit some more big shots. He was the main player for his team. He made sure that he stays on the crease and hit as many runs as possible. He was in a destructive form and he kept hitting his shots until he got out.

Video Link:http://newsrepublica.com/shahid-afridi

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