Shahid Afridi taking on the bowlers

Many years ago Australia played a three match ODI series against the world eleven. Best of the players from all around the globe were part of the world eleven. Shahid Afridi was also there amongst those players.

He played a few games and then he got injured. The match in which he got injured Afridi batted in the tail. He went out and bashed the Australian bowlers with an injury to his hand. First Afridi dispatched Watson for a huge six.

This was a short ball from Watson. He was targeting Afridi’s face and the Pakistani batsman hit the ball for a six. This was coming in quick and Afridi pulled it strongly on the leg side. The ball hit his bat and went flying over deep fine leg and into the crowd it landed.

The next shot was another beauty. Afridi this time hit the ball over the head of the bowler. This ball was short again and again Afridi showed he full face of the bat to it. This is not meet the middle of the bat yet went over the boundary line. Afridi put a lot of power into his shot. The next ball was onto the pads. The bowler was Brett Lee. This time Afridi dispatched it to the leg side fence again. It was a good innings from the Pakistani Pathan.

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