Sharjeel Khan, Umar Akmal and Pakistan on roll against India

Back in 2011 Pakistan sent their best hitters to the Honk Kong super sixes. This team was packed with batting dynamos and those who can bowl as well. Pakistan remained unbeaten in the whole event and won the cup for the Pakistani nation as well.

Umar Akmal and Sharjeel Khan played blinders in the game against India. In that game Umar Akmal hit some of the best shots in the game. Sharjeel gave him a good hand as well. He hit some huge sixes as well. Pakistan played some excellent cricket.

The first shot from Umar Akmal was a straight six. This was a length ball and Umar just flicked the ball and this hit took the ball out of the park. One can imagine how sweetly this ball was timed. This was the start from Umar Akmal. The show was yet to start.

Sharjeel first six was over long on. This was a little bit short and he just heaved this one from the middle and the ball went flat as an arrow. This was another beautiful shot. Both Umar Akmal and Sharjeel gave the Indian bowlers a hard time. There were sixes being hit on almost every ball that was bowled.

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