Shoaib Akhtar best over against South Africa

There was a reason that Shoaib Akhtar was called the king of pace. He was lightning fast. He bowled some of the fastest spells in international cricket. Shoaib best over was against South Africa. This one over changed the whole game.

South Africa was in a great position in the match. Pakistan needed to win this game to keep their chances alive in the series. Wasim then asked Shoaib to come back for another spell in the middle. Shoaib in his first over of the second spell took three wickets.

Shoaib bowled fire in that over. It was a maiden and it took out the middle order of the South African batting line. Boucher went first on a short ball. He went for a pull but the ball kissed the top of the bat and rested down in gloves of Moin Khan.

One ball later, Benkenstein was bowled on a straight ball. The ball had plenty of pace behind it. The batter did not put his bat down in time. As a result his off stump was tarnished. The third wicket was of Lance Klusener. He was bowled as well. He faced just one ball and then Shoaib demolished his wickets. This was one of the best overs ever bowled in Sharjah cricket stadium.

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