5 Jun 1999:  Shoaib Akhtar of Pakistan shakes hands with Lance Klusener of South Africa after the World Cup Super Six match at Trent Bridge in Nottingham, England. South Africa won by 3 wickets.  Mandatory Credit: Laurence Griffiths /Allsport

Shoaib Akhtar destructive over against South Africa

Shoaib Akhtar is known for many bowling performances. This one over against the South Africans is one of them. Shoaib with this over changed the whole context of the game. Pakistan from losing eventually won the match.Pakistan needed to win this game. Had they lost it they were out of the tournament. Pakistan had Shoaib Akhtar. At a period when South African batters were well settled and going for the win, Shoaib took them out.

He bowled a maiden over and took three wickets in this over. Boucher fell first on the second ball of the over. The ball was fast and short. Boucher tried to execute a pull but was late in getting his bat on the ball. The ball brushed the top of his bat and Moin did the rest behind the wickets.

After Boucher, Benkenstein came to the crease. He faced two balls in total. The first one he defended while on the second one he lost his off stump. This was another thunder bolt bowled by Shoaib. He hit the right mark here again.

The third wicket was of Klusener. The left hander defended the first ball back to Shoaib. On the next Shoaib went through his defenses and cleaned him the third wicket for the over. Pakistan thanks to this one over won the match at the end.

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