Shoaib Akhtar meets young fast bowler

Shoaib Akhtar has always been helpful to the young talent. He has always spoken in the media and other forums that if someone wants to be a fast bowler, he is ready to train him. also, he said that he will share all his knowledge to the young breed of fast bowlers.

The example of it is Faiza. This young kid lives in London and wants to be a fast bowler. Shoaib AKhet him in London and trained with him. he gave a lot of tips to the young fast bowler. Talking to the media Shoaib said that he has asked Faizan not to become greedy.

He said that he is young and it will take him time to become a fast bowler. At this age, the muscles are not fully developed. When he crosses an age of 20 then the muscles will take a strong form and that is when ou become a strong fast bowler.

The pace is the key as per Shoaib Akhtar. He said that to get pace you have to be like strong and the run up and bowling action matters to generate a lot of paces. There is always a lot to learn and once the knowledge comes with time. Shoaib hoped that Faizan becomes a good fast bowler.

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