Technology For Better Pakistan

Technology in Pakistan


Despite the fact that we adopted technology in late 80’s, Pakistan has still managed to earn a respectable share in the world of technology. Regardless of unstable economic and political condition, technology is heading in the right direction. Government of Pakistan has taken some serious steps to make IT a strong sector and has given numerous favors to IT investors.

Previously technology was used majorly for good governance, education, entertainment and defense only but things have gone far now. Following are the some aspects of technology that can easily be seen now:

  • Most of the data is shifted from paper to electronic form to make things transparent and more measurable.
  • There were days when internet was a costly service, but with the advancement of technology and fierce competition among various service providers and telecommunication companies, it has become affordable to everyone.
  • There are hundreds of software houses which are providing exceptional services in international market hence boosting our export industry.
  • Most of the big shopping malls have computerized billing system.
  • Many countries prefer outsourcing manpower within Pakistan because they find Pakistani IT persons intelligent, hardworking and committed. They provide their services at low price which enables us to bring in good investment opportunities in our country. This scenario is also helpful making more job opportunities available in the country.
  • To encourage the use of e-commerce, IT bill has been passed to make things safer for electronic transactions.

Despite all these efforts, Pakistan is still facing some issues due to lack of resources and manpower. On the whole, the future of IT is bright in Pakistan. It has enabled Pakistan to stand among the top countries with respect to IT and it is improving day by day. With the same dedication and good planning, it will continue to grow in future. Need of the time is promotion of Information technology. We should make sincere efforts towards its achievement.


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