Ultimate reaction be seen on Brangelina end-up including Jennifer Aniston’s too

It’s been 11 years since the two split, and yet the Brangelina breakup has caused ripple effects all over social media, with memes and gifs of an ecstatic Aniston flooding Twitter and Facebook. Offline there is similar excitement.


Hairdressers are full of women demanding “a Rachel” to pledge solidarity for Jen. Offices are empty as people run out to try and find that Team Jolie shirt they’re pretty sure is still in their closet. In lower Manhattan I observed one woman sobbing outside Goodwill. “I knew I shouldn’t have donated my Team Jolie shirt away” last year she said, between tears.


I may be exaggerating slightly – but only slightly. People really, really care about the supposed Jolie v Jen rivalry. Indeed this largely fictional feud lasted longer than Brad Pitt’s marriage to Aniston and Jolie combined.

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First, imagine that we’re back in the 90s (which shouldn’t be too difficult since there is a Clinton running for president and kids running for Pokémon). In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie represented two poles of “womanness”. Aniston was in every living room in the country – America’s sweetheart, the girl next door, everyone’s Friend.


Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie was known for being a Bad Girl. Or, as the Mirror delightfully put it: “a blood-smeared druggie”. She famously married Jonny Lee Miller wearing a white T-Shirt with his name smeared on it in blood. A few years later Jolie dated a woman – having the nerve to do so unapologetically before bisexuality became trendy.

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