Wahab Riaz bowls Warner but gets a no ball

Wahab Riaz did give Pakistan a chance to get rid of the dangerous Warner but he himself became the culprit to let Warner escape away. He bowled one of the best balls, bowled out Warner and then saw it being signaled as a no ball.

Warner was on 81 when he was jolted by this ripper. Throughout the day now bowler bowled a ball like this. It was a ripper by all accounts. It had he perfect line and length. It swung back in the air. It made Warner look like a school boy.

The bat was no way near to the line of the ball. Warner clearly missed this ball. In fact he missed everything on this ball. The pace, the bounce, the movement but when the ball hit the pads and then crashed onto the stumps, the umpire called it a no ball.

This is something that has haunted the Pakistan team and Wahab himself. He is bowling a lot of no ball these days. He is not there with his bowling. This one could have helped Pakistan get some quick wickets but unfortunately that did not happen. Wahab only had his head to grab. Misbah was silent. He was emotionless. What he could have done here, Warner was saved and then he hit back at Pakistan.

Video Link:http://newsrepublica.com/wahab-warner

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