Wahab Riaz no ball bowled against Warner, 2nd Test 2016

Wahab Riaz gave David Warner a chance to get Australia back in the second test. Pakistan had the game in their hands after they put up 400 plus runs in the first innings of the MCG test. But Warner’s hundred has put Australia in the fighting place.

Warner was on 81 when Wahab Riaz bowled a fantastic ball that hit the stumps. Warner was bowled out on this one. The ball was pitched on the middle and off stump line and then it came back in the air towards the pads. This movement made Warner bamboozled.

He was not behind the ball at all. His bat was in the air and at much distance to his pads. The ball hit the pads and then hit the middle stumps. Before Wahab could celebrate the wicket he heard a loud call of no ball. He looked back and grabbed his head.

The umpire was signaling a no ball. Wahab lost the advantage he created for himself and for his team. Warner was saved by him here. The replay showed that his foot was well over the line. Wahab has been bowling a lot of no balls now. He has to get rid of this issue.

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