Wasim Akram best over in Australia

Wasim Akram was the sultan of swing and after him and even well before him no one had the swing which he had. Wasim used to swing the ball miles. He had the fastest pace in his era and hence he was always difficult to face with both speed and swing.

Wasim here is seen bowling in Hobart test. The new ball was in the hands of Wasim. There was a light breeze going across. There was some swing predicted before the start of play and the first ball from Wasim Akram was a ripper.

It swung back and the movement on this one was huge. The batsman did not get any idea about it. Slater was the batsman and he was playing first of his test matches. Wasim Akram then moved the next one away from him.

This was another beauty from Wasim. The ball hit the same line and length and did not come back in which Slater was expecting. It went away from him and he almost nicked this one. Then came the second big inswinger and it did hot the pads in line to the stumps. But the umpire did not give it out. On the next ball Wasim bowled a yorker and Slater this time was given lbw.

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