Wasim Akram makes Australians dance

Wasim Akram was the master of swing with both new and old ball. He had this ability to move the ball around without any issue. He was right up there in the best of this business. Wasim Akram special over was the one he bowled against Australia in Hobart.

Wasim Akram made the lives of the Australian batter really miserable. He was swinging the new ball on both sides of the wicket and the Australians were unable to read the swing. There was pace behind those balls as well.

The first ball was a big in swinger which hit the bat and then pad. Slater got saved on this one as he somehow managed to hit the ball with his bat. But not for long as the next one went past his bat. This was a big out swinger and he did not know a thing about it.

The ball was right up there with the same line and length only this time it moved away from the batter. This was not it. The next one came back in again and hit the pads. This was out but the umpire did not give it. Wasim was sure that it was lbw but the umpire did not give it for some reason. On the second ball Wasim bowled a yorker, hit the toe and got the decision in his favor.

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