World record hit in T20 match, 497 runs

Now the world of cricket has a new record and this is made in the T20 format. This game produced a record number of runs and that is 497. You will not believe it but this was actually happened as the two teams hit the ball long and hard on almost every ball.

Mahela Jayawardene and Brendon Taylor both were present in this game. It was played in the New Zealand T20 tournament. These two hit the ball massively. These two were the main shot makers and runs getter. They absolutely nailed it down.

Jayawardene kept hitting sixes. There was hardly any other shot he played. The ball was bowled at him and his job was to hit this long way out of the park. He was given a length ball at the start and he dispatched it over the bowler’s head for a six. Then a short ball and he pulled it down.

There was all the shots played by Jayawardene and Taylor. They looked in a complete batting form. Jayawardene is definitely showing that there is a lot of cricket left in him. He is batting really well these days. It seems that he took an early retirement. He could have carried on easily for the Sri Lankan side.

Video Link:http://newsrepublica.com/497runs

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