Young pace bowler from Lahore

This is Umar a young fast bowler from Lahore and him has some serious pace. No body would have ever recognized him had he not come to ground that ay. There was a net session going on and Umar just came to bowl to the Pakistan players.

In that net, there was Kamran Akmal batting as well and Umar bowled a few balls to him. this little kid impressed Kamran Akmal a lot. Kamran said that he is completely blown away by this kid. The way he bowled looked as if he is a mature bowler.

Umar is a Lahori and lives in Model Town. He comes from a humble background and did not have many resources. He is also suffering some from illness as well. his diseases prompt him from running in and bowling long spells.

He said that he wants to play but his illness is not allowing him to practice more and more. He gets tired after bowling a spell of 3 to 4 overs and after that, his joints starts giving him pain. Umar said that he is hopeful about himself. Now PCB should take this kid to NCA and give him a proper medical facility so that he can be groomed into a lethal fast bowler.

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